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Bespoke Designed Bookcases – Bookcase Envy

Bespoke Designed Bookcases – Bookcase Envy

Bespoke Designed Bookcases – Think about it, a bookcase is merely a series of partitions for suspending books……or is it?

Richard Thomas of Wyndham Design tells us of 3 ways that can make the mundane marvellous, with their bespoke storage solutions.


Room divides or partitioning

In the age of open plan living a bookcase can be the perfect excuse to create a natural divide in a room whilst injecting the wow factor. If the bookcase is open on each side the partition will allow some light through creating the illusion of space as well as creating a beautiful feature. Go floor to ceiling to maximise the effect if space allows.


Ambience and sculpture

Books come in all shapes and sizes, so can bespoke bookcases so, get sculptural with design. Don’t feel bound by regular sizes when an asymmetrical design can be as if not more beautiful than symmetrical. Well considered accent lighting can add huge ambience to a room and incorporated into the bookcase can act as a platform for books as well as display.


Multifunctional design.

Think about mixing and blending the bookcase with other items of furniture, such as media centres and other storage solutions to produce modular multi functional furniture. This is a great way to maximize the functionality of smaller living spaces as well as large ones.


For all your bespoke bookcase requirements contact Wyndham Design.

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