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Bespoke Furniture Lighting

Bespoke lighting on furniture is fundamental in creating both functional and mood enhancing effects on bespoke furniture.

In all cases it is a question of balance and sometimes less is more, as we don’t wish to give items the “circus treatment “

Here are 4 ways to make the magic happen.

Pelmet lighting and plinth lighting.

Usually illuminating one or the other is enough. Consider pelmet lighting if your wardrobe or media centre needs to stop short of the ceiling or cornice. This will add a halo of light to the top of your furniture and help illuminate some of the architectural features of the room. Consider plinth lighting if you do not wish to drawer attention to elements of the ceiling.

Backlighting display.

Display areas within storage cabinets can really benefit from backlighting. The trick with this effect is to create an even distribution of light across a panel so all items in the foreground are highlighted. This can be achieved by inserting Led strips hidden in rebated sections behind the return panels. The effect is glorious creating framed pockets of light setting of any display items.

 Internal illumination

Especially important when it comes to Wardrobe internals where it is essential to highlight clothing. Many formats exist in this respect including Led strip lighting to shelving spots but one of our favourites is internal lighting to the hanging rail itself using integral lighting sensors to activate the rails. This gives a beautiful even distrution of light combined with the practically of the rail.

 Architectural lighting.

Major untapped area of bespoke wardrobe and bespoke furniture design, there are so many varieties of architectural lighting fixtures and fittings   in a variety of applications and finishes. One of our favourites is the company beadlight that have beautiful bespoke lighting solutions across the board for compact directional reading lights brilliant for introducing to bed heads, cabinetry and seating.



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