Bespoke Wardrobes


Bespoke Wardrobes by Wyndham Design – Handmade, bespoke and beautifully designed wardrobes, that can be made and fitted as part of a dressing room or walk in wardrobe, or as a unique, stunning stand alone piece of bedroom furniture.

Wyndham are fitted furniture designers and manufacturing company, we create truly unique pieces of furniture, some of which reside in exclusive London homes. Our service is totally end-to-end and tailored to your personal requirements.

All our bespoke wardrobes are individually designed and custom made and installed to exact client specifications, this along with our flair and imagination, and over a decade in creative interior and furniture design have made us very successful in producing beautifully contemporary pieces as well as timelessly classic furniture.

Quality of materials and manufacture are paramount at Wyndham Design and only the best-in-class of everything is used. Select from a range of the finest materials including wood, metal and glass, and we work closely with you from concept to completion, in order to design, make and deliver your ideal bespoke furniture.



For appointments and enquiries regarding our furniture designs, including our dressing rooms and wardrobes, at your convenience, please call 0208 899 6609 or email, alternatively use the Enquiry Form.

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