Bespoke Wardrobes


Wyndham manufacture and design beautiful bespoke wardrobes that can be made and fitted as part of a dressing room or walk in wardrobe, or as a unique, stunning stand alone piece of bedroom furniture.

We are furniture designers as well as a manufacturing company with over a decade of experience.  Our service carries you from concept to completion and is custom made to your own specifications.

All our bespoke wardrobes are made from the highest quality materials and often combine combinations including wood metal and glass if specified.

The flexibly of our designs is virtually limitless giving all our clients the opportunity to have a bespoke wardrobe that can truly work in harmony with any space.

Our designers are incredibly dynamic in there imagination and overall spacial awareness and can craft bespoke wardrobes tailored to your own storage and layout requirements.

Once the form and function of the design have been discussed and defined our designers will impart advise on details such as the handles, accessories display and the overall illumination of the piece to set the ambience of the space which holds so key to the susses of any bespoke wardrobe design.



For appointments and enquiries regards our bespoke wardrobes or any other bespoke furniture requirements you may have please feel free to contact us at your own convenience.

Please call 0208 899 6609 or email, alternatively use the Enquiry Form.

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