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Custom Made Furniture – 6 Reasons To Want The Wonderful!

Custom Made Furniture – 6 Reasons To Want The Wonderful!

Why You should Consider Choosing Custom Made Furniture

Richard Thomas, Director and founder of Wyndham Design, gives us 6 reasons to want the wonderful in the world of bespoke custom made furniture.

Individually Designed & Custom Made FurnitureIndividually Designed & Custom Made

The biggest driver for bespoke furniture is the flexibility of design and materials that it brings, this allows a client to produce designs completely customised in accordance with his or hers individual needs utilising 100% of the space.


Personal Service

The personal service If a bespoke furniture company provides personal service it’s a major plus, ensuring no step of the design process is ever overlooked and the client receives exactly what they want, good personal service from concept to completion is always reflected in the final piece.


It is a common misconception that furniture should stand out or alone but it is important it marries into the room. If done effectively with colour texture and lighting it will not only enhance a room but give the illusion of more space.

Multi Functional Furniture DesignMultifunction

“One dimensional furniture “ such as TV cabinets or study desks are readily available as mass produced products and have a single set function, however bespoke furniture allows you to mix and blend furniture types together such as a bookcase media centre and display.

This can not only preserve space but also produce a multi-functional room.



All things considered if its good for you it would also work for others. Many new and period homes have a major lack of storage. People who implement well considered bespoke storage solutions are in  well placed in adding value to their homes.

Time Saving

The chance of finding the right piece for a space from prefabricated items is rare and extremely time consuming and often time is money especially if you are in the process of developing your own property.  Although bespoke furniture dose require a bigger lead time to produce it will save time in the long run by really utilizing and maximize your dream space.

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