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From Clutter to Calm

From Clutter to Calm

From clutter to calm: how bespoke furniture designer solutions transform a space

No matter the size of your home, the lounge is likely to play a central role in it. A place of calmness and relaxation; a space to unwind, de-stress and escape the hectic pace of the world.

So a lounge packed with clutter, chaos and the debris of living is hardly the most conducive space to becoming the calm heart of your home.

Our latest project in this London home was all about tackling this challenge. As bespoke furniture designers and makers, our purpose is always to blend practical efficiency with a sleek and contemporary design aesthetic. To achieve this in a lounge, having the right storage options was key.

Creating creative spaces

As the centre of the home, lounges inevitably attract all the detritus of your daily life – which can soon take over the space. Our bespoke design process starts with a comprehensive review of the amount of storage space that is available – and how it can be used most effectively.

A modular solution, combining a refined fusion of cabinets, drawer space and open shelves – provides the most efficient use of storage area, by creating individual compartments that lend to easy organization.

Sleek shelf cabinets create enough space and flexibility to accommodate a variety of things, with easily accessible wall mounted shelves and a discreet door to keep unsightly clutter out of view. A TV cabinet set into wall space provides the perfect use of space – by being positioned into a made to measure media cabinet, a large plasma screen TV fits in smoothly into the aesthetic of the overall living area without intruding upon the décor of a room.

For larger storage capacity, drawers are an ideal complement to shelves and cabinets, as they can be accessed without obstruction, providing ample space for bigger items.

When less is more

To balance both style and function, we always consider how to incorporate practical storage into a space, without becoming conspicuous or detracting from the focal area of a room.

In this project, the plasma screen formed a central focus point – set into the wall, it became an organic and seamless part of the overall space. A generous amount of closed cabinets built around it provided ample storage space, but to balance this, we created two generously sized open bookshelves to showcase a selection of special memorabilia.

With overhead spotlighting available as an optional extra for our bespoke bookshelves, these make an ideal place to exhibit unique artwork, books and personal photographs. Toughened glass shelves affixed with hidden supports create a clean and continuous display area, retaining a refreshingly minimalist appeal. Bookshelf modules can be adapted to meet any sized space, and can be arranged in a custom layout for a smart and intuitive solution.

Our bespoke furniture designs are available in a large choice of finishes and colours, and can be customised to suit your individual requirements. As bespoke furniture makers supplying designer ideas for homes all across London, we provide a modern and refined solution to the contemporary home – offering understated luxury with practical elegance.


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