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In the spirit of bespoke furniture London

Wyndham providing stunning works of bespoke furniture for the heart of the city.

We have always prided ourselves on quality of work and this next project was no exception. Set in the heart of Belgravia a London town house became our latest setting for bespoke furniture London.

Nestled in a quiet road a large mid terrace town house was now up for complete development and we were at the helm in the furniture department. Items included everything from media units to walk in wardrobes, all custom made to order. As the house carried a walnut feel throughout its floors it was no surprise this would be a defining feature in our furniture to create warmth throughout the property.

Starting in the basement and working up was a completely custom-made media unit. This piece of bespoke furniture made in black American walnut allowed lower storage to the base units. An upholstered panel in the upper section meant a TV or painting could be mounted on a soft background around a walnut frame. To top it off we placed lighting to the lower section to give the illusion of the unit floating on a bed of light.

Working our way upstairs our brief was to provide a storage solution for coats in the main reception. With this in mind we produced a bespoke furniture item in walnut that used a beautiful diamond pattern in the woodwork of the doors to create a harlequin effect and provided a custom storage solution for both coats and shoes.

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Finally, on to the master bedroom we had the luxury of installing a bespoke wardrobe. This was located in the main room. We also built a super high-end bespoke wardrobe in a niche area in the ensuite bathroom. The walnut master bedroom wardrobe melted into the wood floor, set off with stunning bespoke bronze handles. This wardrobe combined space for TV, internal hanging and shelving. The design was stepped due to the positions of the window and door at each end of the room.

bespoke furniture London

To continue the warm theme of walnut wood we lined the entire ensuite bathroom in walnut panelling. The effect gave the central bath with inset TV a warm and comforting feel. This then allowed us to create a separate bespoke walk in wardrobe with extra storage and lighting to back panels to add to the overall ambience.

bespoke furniture London

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