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Meet the Man Behind Wyndham Design

What makes a house a home? One of the first things you notice as you walk into a house is the way it looks, the decor and design. Home design provides you with an opportunity to showcase your personal style and individuality – so it becomes important to find furniture that reflects your taste.

So let’s meet the man behind Wyndham Designs – Managing director and company founder Richard Thomas talks about design inspiration, manufacturing excellence and celebrating over 15 years in bespoke furniture and interiors.

After studying 3D design at university 25 years ago it was a passion for creating; playing with form and combining beautiful materials to develop exquisite furniture that prompted Richard to launch Wyndham Designs.

Noticing a gap in the market he decided to utilise his natural aptitude and enthusiasm for design, working with and helping people to take on the role of facilitator and enable people realise their unique furniture designs, he says “All items are custom made to order so every item is unique. The freedom to formulate a new initial idea from a client’s brief and then to see it realised is amazing.”

Taking inspiration from classic 20th century designs Wyndham prides itself on timeless pieces and the extremely diverse portfolio of furniture types and materials.

It is important to recognise the highly-skilled craftsmen who have also become an integral part of the Wyndham Design family. “After all you are only as good as the people who work for you, so we have always surrounded ourselves with brilliant individuals.”

It is this attitude and attention to detail that makes the company essential to customers looking to furnish their home. The key to such high-quality furniture is having such expert craftsmen on the team working with the best technologies and facilities.

It is clear that Wyndham Design has been born out of love; a love for beautiful things, exquisite detail, fine craftsmanship and a love for helping bring joy to other people. This is why whenever one looks at the process, the production and creation of this designer furniture ‘the customer’ consistently is seen as key and is treated as such, whilst they work together with the Wyndham experts to create something truly spectacular for their home.

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