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Reasons To Love Bespoke Custom Wardrobes

Reasons To Love Bespoke Custom Wardrobes

Choosing the right wardrobe matters.


For Over 15 years Richard Thomas Director and Founder of Wyndham Design has lived, breathed and walked the ultimate world of bespoke custom wardrobes design.

Here are the top 6 reasons to love bespoke custom wardrobes


1 – Being the biggest item of furniture in the bedroom can make or break one of the most important rooms in your home. A carefully designed bespoke wardrobe can really maximise space for the other key items of furniture.

2 – Bespoke by definition means flexibility in design and material. With this possibilities are endless. We spend time considering what we wear and signature items deserve to be.

3 – Lighting internally and externally is an element that can be introduced and careful considered lighting can provide ambience that can be simply stunning.

4 – When fitting bespoke custom wardrobes into awkward spaces such as angled roofs and against structural nibs wardrobes are often accommodated poorly due to the limitation of unit sizes on standardised wardrobes. Bespoke wardrobes can utilise these areas effectively providing clever storage solutions for clothing and extra items such as accessories and even personal safes.

5 – A beautifully designed bespoke wardrobe is a massive plus when considering your own or even future prospective buyer’s needs. People want space and clever storage, this will enhance the sale-ability of your home and even add value.

6 – We do find that an initial consultation the most obvious solution to position or compartmentalise a wardrobe is often overlooked for an alternative option. There are many ways to present a wardrobe in a space and none are necessarily right or wrong but it is crucial to get the right one for you. Wardrobe designers will normally offer a non-obligation consultation to assess what you are looking for and give an indication of design and prices.
That alone is worth its weight in gold.

For appointments and enquiries regarding our bespoke custome wardrobes we are available at your convenience, call 0208 899 6609 or email

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