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The backbone behind designing amazing bespoke wardrobes.

When it comes to building bespoke wardrobes, there are a few things that you should think about that will elevate any wardrobe space. Here are 6 things that make the difference between the ordinary and the eye dropping.



Firstly, when it comes to bespoke wardrobes it’s all about you and how you want to use the space. Before anything gets made, consider which items carry the most priority, how many items you have and how you like them best presented. This is important because it will help the designers identify how you wish the space to function.

  1. DOORS

Once clothing and accessories have been identified, along with quantity, then the form of the design can start to take place. It is important at this stage to consider door type. This is the key to all bespoke wardrobes. Do you want sliding or standard opening doors. This may be dictated to you by the shape of the room and space available. It is also true to say that if you have a separate space or room then the use of doors might not be suitable. If this is the case try looking into options of open ‘floating’ shelving and hanging. In some cases, we have made custom wardrobes in a combination of both open and closed-door formats.


Your choice of materials will add the wow factor. Mixing up lots of different materials and textures can be very effective but simple things can also be beautiful. Some of the best bespoke wardrobes we have produced have used very simple colour palettes. Consider soft neutral tones to set off items of clothing if going for a matt lacquer or high gloss finish. If you use wood maybe choose a warm tone that won’t date too quickly.


Many bespoke wardrobes are custom made without any means of viewing your clothes once you have selected the items you wish to wear. Mirror doors aren’t for everyone so it’s worth thinking about an area to have this as a separate accessory. The wall itself maybe an option if you have space in bespoke walk-in wardrobe. Simply using the reverse of doors is another option if you want them hidden.


Often overlooked but very useful to consider. We are sometimes asked what to do with the dead space formed by corner sections in wardrobes as people view this as an awkward area. You might think about extra shelving to access clothes, or even a secret place for jewellery within a safe.


Lighting is crucial in giving ambience to any space and should not be overlooked when striving to achieve your perfect bespoke wardrobe. Consider mood lighting to plinths and also light to internal items to highlight clothes and shoes. This is where a bespoke wardrobe designer with experience can really make the difference between the mundane and the magnificent.

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