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The Key To Bespoke Wardrobes

The do’s and don’ts to getting that dream wardrobe are all in the detail. Richard Thomas, Director of London’s leading luxury bespoke wardrobe company, Wyndham Design, tells us the top 4 tips to getting a truly bespoke wardrobe.


Be mindful when people say ‘bespoke’ in wardrobe terms. Many companies claim to be bespoke as they may offer more than one finish or size, but on closer inspection, you may find they offer set sizes and a core range of colours that amounts to just four. A true, luxury bespoke wardrobe will custom design the colour, style and materials to a point where only the sky is the limit.


True bespoke wardrobes reflect quality in their materials, and tend to work in spray lacquer finishes and real wood veneers that give unlimited possibilities. At the lower end of the spectrum, materials tend to be laminate-based. This is a complete minefield, as the level of laminate products vary considerably, from low quality and paper thin photographic wood imitation sheets, through to thicker tough utilitarian laminates that beautifully represent real wood. If your budget is limited, it’s worth questioning the quality of the material finishes if you are going in at a lower entry level


One of my most essential pieces of advice is to ensure that, before you start production of your dream wardrobe, you are satisfied with the overall layout and design configuration. At this point, it’s worth mapping the room out with a template of card to give an idea of the feel and space available to you. This will also give an indication of how much clothing and shoe storage etc. will ‘actually’ be available.


With all things set, be selective with your clothes and really showcase those special items to give that wow factor. Accent Lighting can be a fantastic way to make effective use of this, and is well worth considering in the design stages. Once you have all these things arranged, only then will you really have your true dream bespoke wardrobe.

5, Enjoy!  it is your dream wardrobe after all!

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