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Top 5 Tips For Designing Your Walk In Wardrobe

Top 5 Tips For Designing Your Walk In Wardrobe


When considering designing your dream space take these key points into consideration.


People overlook the importance of hanging space in favour of drawers and shelves but in the situation of a walk in wardrobe a simple rail can be the best and most effective use of space when storing clothes so it’s well worth including plenty of rail into the walk in wardrobe space.

Natural Flow

Make sure a flow exists within the space this involves careful consideration to impending doors and any associated windows whilst also preserving as much space in the room as possible again creating a balance between opening things up and having a working space.


Be selective and add the highlights to the areas of absolute necessity to add drama, theatre and ambience to the pieces, this may be introduced to display cabinets or to the hanging display shelves themselves.


Are a big consideration and generally we would only combine a maximum of two,  for example chrome and white lacquer with the third element being light.


Again, falling into the function and flow of the room but show items such as handbags and shoes could be set off on shelves and racks and if used in combination with light can add the wow factor.

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