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Top bespoke furniture company for two decades.

Meet the founder and creator behind the company where all is custom made.

With over twenty years of bespoke furniture and interiors under his belt, Richard Thomas creator and founder of design company, Wyndham, really has made his mark. He has seen the industry and its style slowly change over time. However, one thing has remained the same and that is the need for custom made items.

It seems that in a world of fast consumer goods and a stream of information people still wish for beautiful, long lasting pieces.

Priding itself on a personal service Wyndham has pushed itself at the front of the handmade, luxury bespoke furniture market in London. His varied portfolio has provided bespoke furniture to some of the most desirable homes in the country and to Hotels such as London’s Chiltern Firehouse.

His work stands the test of time, combining creativity with craftsmanship. A search for beautiful materials combined with a scope and know now enable him to offer a top-drawer bespoke service for clients who are looking for beautiful timeless designs, made to their own needs.

The company has evolved over 25 years. Styling has played a big part in holding his position in the market. Styles do change over the years as do materials but the company’s ability to “move with the times” has kept designs fresh as well as timeless. Richard Thomas explains that form and function are central to all his designs. Nevertheless, the client’s brief will always change style and design.

It is true to say Wyndham’s gift to turn ideas into reality is as a direct act of following the exact design brief. Working closely together, his clients enjoy the shared path of their project to its end.

This goes further than just styling. The function and the practical nature of some furniture is defined.

Special briefs for projects such as under stair storage and media console storage must be included into both design and style. Wyndham’s knowledge plays a key role in his designs.

Wyndham offers a total ‘concept to completion’ service with items ranging from walk in wardrobes, media walls, studies and even into to complete interior design.

His styles are both modern and classic. Every piece of bespoke furniture is made to order.

Please call Wyndham Design on 0208 899 6609 or email, or use our enquiry form.

Top bespoke furniture company for two decades.

Top bespoke furniture company for two decades in london

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