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Walk In Luxury

Walk In Luxury

Walk In Luxury
Wyndham are delighted to share the 3 top secrets to making your dream walk in wardrobe with leading website


There are 3 things to consider when making your dream walk in wardrobe..


If you have the luxury of housing your walk in wardrobe within an enclosed space, then it’s worth thinking about keeping it open to really maximize the area. Having doors on a wardrobe will close things down because they require space to open them, especially if you have two wardrobes opposite each other. Try using drawers and selective door paneling to create a semi open and closed configuration this provides concealed areas, where objects can be hidden to reduce clutter, leaving your more selective items for open display.


Form and function are paramount when considering your space.
The relationship and the way you interact with your walk in wardrobe will all depend on how the space will be used, do you want to get dressed in the space? Are you sharing the space – think his and hers. How do you want to hang and access your clothes and accessories placed in it, think pull out sections, do you have lots of dresses or suits or do you have a large bag or shoe collection?


When it comes to walk in wardrobes, creative lighting and carefully selected materials can create a stunning ambience and change the mood in the room.  Consider pushing the light into the darker pockets of the area, this combined with mirrors can produce a beautiful dramatic effect as well as creating the illusion of space.



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