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Walk In Wardrobe Weaving Wonders

Exciting times ahead for walk in wardrobes with order confirmed for another beautiful walk in wardrobe in the heart of Cambridgeshire. This design uses the homes mix of modern and classical features to combine the best of both worlds with beautiful shaker bevelled mirror doors set off with a cut glass handle detail. The sheer scale of this walk in wardrobe with its total 17 doors all in mirror opens the room up to create the illusion of space as well as well as creating a timeless elegance. We were also careful to create a break and provide relief to the design by incorporating illuminated alcove display storage. This will be combined with soft light and upholstered panels.

The design also allows for a flat screen to to be mounted above a fireplace opposite the double bed. Given the size of the walk-in wardrobe huge care has been taken to ensure cabinets work well individually as well as collectively. This will provide a flow and overall balance to the room. The finish to the wardrobe will be in a sprayed matt lacquered off white bespoke colour as selected by the client.  To complement the walk in wardrobe a bespoke dressing table was also designed to create more storage and an intimate space. The natural area for this with its light was into the main bay window area.

We were careful to allow light to flow through the furniture by producing open areas in the legs in combination with mirror. The vanity desk has a bespoke automated mirror hidden within the dressing table itself that will rise and extend from the table at a touch of a button. This will be finished in the same matt lacquer colour to create a balance with the main wardrobe. This walk in wardrobe and dressing table is now in production and will be delivered within the next few months so please visit us to view the beautiful results


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