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Walk In Wonderland

Walk In Wonderland

Wyndham tells London’s leading lifestyle and property magazine why bespoke furniture is a good investment.


Wyndham Design director and founder Richard Thomas explains what to consider when creating your dream custom wardrobe space.

1. Styling and colour
Although white may be considered by some as bland and unimaginative it does make the perfect blank canvas for setting off the main feature of the wardrobe, namely the clothes. In fact not only will it set off the garments it will also create the illusion of space in a room where space is often limited.

If you use this in combination with mirrors then you are really opening things up. If on the other hand you have the luxury of a larger space then dark woods or dark lacquer colours can inject mood and accents to the room, and coupled with clever lighting can also produce beautiful results.

2. Use your space
The most common error comes with trying to get too much into a defined space. Less can be more and in the case of walk in wardrobes it is often best to have a corridor run of wardrobes rather than return sections that may give dead spaces to the corners.

3. Doors
If you have wardrobes running in parallel right and left of you it’s important to consider the room required to open them fully on both sides. If the corridor has a limited width then a sliding door option is often a more useful application. Of course doors can be removed completely in a walk in wardrobe situation, but this can be challenging in terms of keeping things visually clean on the eye.

4. Accessories
Shoes, belts and jewellery can be set and displayed in a variety of ways including bespoke shoe racks, drawers, or shelving. Consider these items as signature display items using particular shoes and jewellery as pieces of ‘art’ in their own right. Look at ways to enhance presentation using bespoke drawer linings, custom made compartments and lighting panels.

5. Lighting and ambience
The key to creating the overall mood of any walk in wardrobe or fitted wardrobe is lighting. Consider ways to implement mood lighting on the interior as well as the exterior and use the same level of coloured lighting be it warm or cool white to maintain a consistency with the overall ambience.

6. Detailing
Think of you wardrobe as a blank canvas and like any great painting don’t overwork it. Small accents such as handles and the application of mirror can be often all you need to create your masterpiece. Remember too many materials and textures will start to conflict and as a general rule simplicity is king. At Wyndham we try to keep it simple with only 2 to 3 different materials and finishes to produce a stunning design.

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