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In the world of “Bespoke Furniture” and “Custom Wardrobes” handles are what make or break the character of any piece.

Here are 5 things to consider when making the difference:

  1. Does it need a handle at all.?

Whether it be a console or a wardrobe sometimes simplicity is key and a sculpt or a simple shadow gap can be all that is required to gain access to a simple door or drawer. If your space is restricted a protruding handle could be a hindrance rather than a help creating unwanted snags.

2 Integral or feature ?

A beautiful way to incorporate handles into a design is to make them an integral feature of the furniture or cabinet. This creates a form and relief detail to the cabinets as well as providing a functional handle. If it is a statement you are looking for then the classic stand alone feature handle can always be a show stopper if its cafully balanced with the rest of the piece.

  1. Consider the piece as a whole.

Less is often more and tiny “accent handles” delicate in form can add a beautiful finesse to large otherwise bulky items that require an elegant lift.

  1. Cost

Handles vary wildly in cost and styles and it is important to consider a balance between the value and the overall feel and character you are trying to convey when choosing them.

  1. Materials and finishes.

If you have a feature element such as a base plinth in mirror or exterior detail in gold it is worth considering marrying in the theme with the handle to create a harmony within your piece.

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